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Sana's long long journey

This game is made for tsukumo sana in hololive council.

Avoid obstacle and get to the goal point

Game Play

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

ESC key to pause and return to the menu or exit the game


v0.1 Beeg sana mode, Fix ghost hit, Fix texts, Add sound effects, She reacts differently what she is hit, Adds skip feature(left mouse click to skip)

v0.2 Change game distance, Change text output, Add ending texts(Thank you guys)

v0.3 Add progress bar, Update hitbox precisely, Add ESC key feature, Update ending texts(Thank you guys)


1. Universe

★Available here! https://fanlink.to/Sana-Universe 

~~ My Socials ~~ https://linktr.ee/Temperr

2. Purpose

"Jonny Easton - Purpose" is under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://bit.ly/b-purpose

3.  やさしいきもち

[楽曲詳細情報・フリー(mp3)ダウンロード] https://dova-s.jp/bgm/play1634.html [作曲者情報] https://dova-s.jp/_contents/author/pr...

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run "SanaGame.exe"


Sana_Long_Long_Journey_v0.3.zip 50 MB


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Cute Sana game.

I like the little reactions to touching the different obstacles.

Very well done intro and touching messages at the end.

Improvement suggestions:

- Add a progress bar at the bottom or top, showing how far you are from the goal, maybe even add little icons with the planets.

- The obstacle hitboxes felt a bit big. I was almost sure I cleared some of them, but it still triggered a hit.

- The game looks a bit off on ultrawide monitor. Still playable, but the cutscenes looked funny as I could see stuff that was supposed to be offscreen on the sides.

- There's no exit button. Maybe it was hidden outside my view due to the ultrawide monitor?


Thank you for your advice.

I will put your ideas into my game.

SANA is Eternal.